ODYSSEUS Objectives

  • Discover potentially hitherto unknown information about explosive precursors and HMEs based on (i) gathering, mining, and understanding HME-related multilingual and multimedia online content in order to extract knowledge about (possibly unknown) precursors, and (ii) the subsequent characterisation and analysis of selected precursors, including precursors not previously studied, for the determination of their explosive properties, feasibility, and potential for becoming a threat through appropriate theoretical and experimental investigations and tests.


  • Monitor chemical supply chain operations in order to identify anomalous patterns that may predict future threats.

  • Detect potential threats in identified areas of interest, including detection of HMEs at the manufacturing stage.

  • Facilitate mobile detection of explosive precursors by using Unmanned Autonomous (Aerial and Ground) Vehicles (UAVs/UGVs) equipped with the developed sensors.

  • Support forensic investigations through automated sample collection by robotised tools.